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From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Family Reunion BoysAll rights reserved by Author. Do not sell or post without permission of
Author. You must be of legal age to read this story. See my other stories
on Nifty.org and support Nifty.org with a few dollars to keep it up and
Author is at Agora a gay bar in Montreal Fridays 5 PM. On Rue Mackay down
from Boul. Rene Levesque.
Kevin Kelly. This is not a true story and do use safe sex always. cute girly loli shoes
Dad was alone now After Mom passed away. He was just 45 now and
a good looking man who had my brother and myself when he was just 20 and
21 respectively. I was now 25 and my Brother Kirk was now 24. We had both
moved away to jobs and now We both were able to arrange to stay two weeks
at Dad's to help him out during the hardest part.
I am Kevin standing 5'10 150 pounds a Blonde like the others in the
Family. My one and only hobby is working out which I do five days a week
plus ride my bike and skate. I am proud to be able to say I have a
perfect V shape with 5 inch chest and 30 inch waist. Kirk my kid Brother
is just like me a work out freak and we look almost like twins except
that whhile I am smooth Kirk has light blonde hair on his chest that
forms a V up from His belly button to the tops of his pec's looks so
Dad couldn't bring Himself to sleep in what was His and Mom's room
so he moved into my old room. This meant that Kirk and I would have to
share his old room together. In his room there still was the TV thank God
but there was just the one twin single bed for the two of Us strapping
Men? Dad didn't seem to think anything about this and We just went along
for His sake. I remember Kirk joking " Well if one of Us sports a hard on
He'll knock cute girly loli shoes the other out of that small bed" I had come out as Gay to my
Mom but She made me promise to keep it from dad and Kirk for a while and
the years just went by and i never did get to telling them. So this
sleeping arrangement was not going to be easy on me? Oh sure if Kirk
wasn't my Brother I'd be all over his strong ranchi lolita preteen naked masculine body in a minute
But fact is he was my kid Brother.
That first night We three sat in the family room wet bar having
beers and talking like old times. Dad had the Family photo album out and
We were laughing at the old pictures of us on camping trips. We use to go
camping every chance We got weekends most summers and even in the
winters.Dad said at one point. " Remember this tent? That was Yuor tent You two
guys would love having Your own private tent while teen sweet lollipops porn Mom and I would be
sleeping in the camper. You two really loved that old tent"Kirk " Yes We sure did just me and my big Bro. out there alone in the
night keeping each other warm and safe felt good Dad."Dad laughed a big belly laugh. I asked " What was so funny?He said "Well Kevin just the way Kirk said You two kept each other nice
and warm. Hell. Remember the one night I looked in on You two and what do
I see?Kirk had his face buried in His hands and cut Dad off with " Oh Dad I
can't believe Your going to bring that night up?I was laughing along with them and not knowing why? I said " So what was
the big deal?Kirk looked at me and said. " The Big deal Bro. You were on top of me in
just our briefs and dry humping me. Remember the game? We would take
turns getting on top dry humping each other? Then in comes Dad catching
Us like that"I really laughed then and said " Oh God do I remember now. I was so
scared Dad was going to beat the crap out of Us right then and there."Dad pouring another drink said. " Well no I wouldn't do that. You know me
better then that Kevin"Kirk touched my arm saying " Right as i remember Dad was cool really. he
sat down with Us and explained that what We were doing was normal
experimenting and most guys did things like that growing up. he said he
had even done it with friends when free mpegs of lolitas he was our age. he really made me feel
better know that He was not going all nuts on Us."Dad said " You guys were like 15 and 14 then? Normal. So I never knew
after my little talk did You guys go at it again?Kirk punched my arm playfully saying. " Hell Dad You no sonner closed the
flap of the tent when this one was back on top to finish up his 10
minutes left on His turn"I playfully punched His arm now and said " Yea and You took another turn
on top as I remember?Dad wipping the laughter tears from His eyes said " Well the two weeks
You guys are here I'll be sure to knock before i come in Your room at
night so I don't interrupt any fun You guy's are having?I couldn't think of anything to say and then I was surprised when Kirk
was shaking His head in a yes motion and saying. " Sounds fair Dad. Hey
so tell Us about some of the things You did when You were that age? I
always wondered about that?I couldn't get it out of my mind the way my Blonde Brother had just said
that like We would be in that room tonight doing what We had done in the
tent? I took that as he more or less would be open to Us doing Our little
game? I know I would love to be on top of His body now feel his hard cock
under mine again and then have Kirk on top of me. I was pulled from my
thoughts by Dad saying.Dad " wel hell You guys are all grown up now and I guess a little bit of
honesty is good so here goes. " When I was like 15 my next door neighbor
slept over my house one night in my bed. We talked and he had bought some
porno books as we looked through them he suggested We kind of dry hump on
each other like You guys were doing. Only we didn't have on anything bare
ass naked and Guys it felt good. One thing lead to another and We were
sucking on each other just to see what it felt like. first he sucked mine
then I sucked His and then We did a 69 and actually came in each others
mouth. After that We did it every chance We got. After school, On
weekends When We would sleep over any place we could. We did it for a few
years until We both went away to collage."Kirk and I were dumb struck at Dad's revelations. Wow Dad I can't believe
it You actually sucked another guy's dick? Your so all manly and all I
never would have suspected to hear that from You Dad"Kirk again punched my arm saying " Kevin You are so gullible. Dad never
sucked a guy's dick. he is just having fun with us"Dad held up his hand as to swear and said. " Kirk that is the gospel
truth I family incest with loli told You and You go open Your pants right now and I'll prove if I
did or didn't suck cock?Kirk laughed and said " Ok Dad I'll call Your bluff on this one and up
You one. I'll open my fly take hairless lolita pussy toplist out my dick and if you suck mine I'll blow
both You and Kevin right here. If you don't . Then I get the 50 Buick You
restored in the garage? deal?I fully expected Dad to just say " OK game over You got me" Instead Dad
stood up from his stool and looking at Kirk said. " Well boy what's the
matter You forget how to pull it out? He looked over at me and family incest with loli said Kevin
if You don't want Your blow job from Kirk lolita top model 50
I'll take it? So You in on this
bet?I stood up and held my crotch saying as I felt my already hard dick. "
You bet I am in Dad"My eyes were on Kirk now and His handsome face. He smiled at me and was
slowly pulling down his zipper. I could now see his cock was hard in His
white briefs and then he lifted up pulling down His briefs and jeans in
one motion. His big hard 8 inch cock its Helmut head so wide was bared to
us. Dad took hold of it and was feeling it all up and down the shaft. And
then rubbing the drop of precum all over Kirk's cock head. Dad knelt down
and did the impossible. He put Kirk's big bare cock into His mouth. Kirk
was moaning and crunching up His face as he now was feeding His cock into
Dad's mouth. He opened His eyes looking at me He said. " Looks like Your
going to get a blow job from me tonight Kevin I lost the bet and I am
enjoying being a looser this time."
I was so turned on with Dad moaning and pulling Kirk's cock into his
mouth and moving up and down on Kirk's 8 inch monster. I opened my 3d lolita drawings incest
jeans and let them along with my underwear fall down around my ankles. I
stood beside dad on his knees stroking my cock which was dripping like
mad. Kirk reached over and took hold of my bare cock saying " Nice Bro.
yea real nice. I am going to enjoy eating Your hot meat' Dad came off
Kirk and put his hand on my cock and said " Oh yea real nice Kevin. Mind
if I have a taste of this? I turned to feed my dick to my dad and He took it into his warm mouth
and was giving me a blow job. The best blow job I'd ever had. Kirk came
off his stool and was on his knees next to Dad and they both were passing
my cock between them. My handsome near twin Brother and my stud Father
eating on my cock and balls and now fingering up my hole while at it.
Kirk came off my cock and sat back on his feet . Looking up at me He
said. " Kevin That hole of Yours feels so good You ever have a man fuck
it? I was feeding and pumping my 8 family incest with loli inch cock into Dad's mouth and said.
"Oh hell yes and if You want to fuck that monster cock of yours into it
Your more then welcome Bro."
Dad came off my cock at hearing that and still stroking it He too
sat back on His feet saying " Boys I got plenty of KY up stairs in my
room want to go use it all up? We were then all three of Us pulling off
our sneakers and the rest of our clothes. Then we did a big three way hug
and kissing and feeling each others cocks. now all out to each other. i
was sucking on my Dad's big nipples and Kirk got down and was licking at
my rosebud telling me He'd always wanted to fuck into me. We left our
clothes there on the floor and walked up to Dad's bed room.
I got on the bed on all fours and looked over my shoulder saying "
Come on Kirk show me how good You rim a man's hole? Kirk was behind me
now and spreading my cheeks moaning then licking and wetting and eating
our my hole with his handsome tongue pushing into my hole. Dad slipped
under me and naked was eating on my bare cock me feeding my dick down
into my dad's hot mouth awhile Kirk was driving me nuts with His tongue
on my mouth.
Kirk came from my hole laid on my back kissing my neck and my ears
he said. " Dude I am way too hot for your ass to be doing a lot of fore
play. Mind if I put it into You now? I moaned saying " Oh Kirk yea I've
wanted that big dick of Yours so long . Yea please fuck me now Kirk"
Dad came off my dick now saying " Oh fuck this is so hot guy's yea I
want to see You fucking each other. Dad came out from under me now and
was helping Kirk grease up his man meat to fuck me. Then dad ws greasing
up my hole pushing the KY in with two fingers and now Kirk lined up his
bare cock and I loved the feel of my Blonde Brother's dick head on my
hole. I moaned " Oh God Yessssss" As kirks Helmut was entering into my
hole spreading my pussy lips to take his thickness His manhood into me.
then Kirk was fucking me thrusting into me sweating on me as he was
giving me long wonderful thrust with his cock.
Kirk's strong hand were guiding my hips back onto His monster meat
as he stroked it into my hole thrusting hitting my prostate with his bare
dick loli bbs ls studio skin. Dad came on my side kind of under me and was licking my under
arms as Kirk worked his magic with His dick in my male pussy. His cock so
tight inside me. The walls of my pussy tight around the bare skin of my
Blonde Brothers cock. Kirk on my back now whispered in my ear. " Kevin I
want to cum inside You now Ok You want my cum up inside Your hot ass
Bro.? " Yessssssss I cried. " Let me feel Your balls empty in me Kirk
fill me with you cum load Bro."
He was pounding now slamming his 8 inches deep inside me thrusting his
bare skinned cock in my hole. he said " Yea You like this big man meat
fucking you like a bitch yea my cock fucking into you slamming in your
cunt now it's going to cum load Your hot tight pussy. O God Yessss her it
comes Bro. my cock load." he was in me cuming His nymphetes lolita pre toplist laod filling me. He
backed out some and I felt his big dick grow even thicker as His load of
cum shot through it into my pussy. Kirk collapsed on my back kissing me
saying how great my hole felt.
Dad said " Kevin i want to fuck You now Son. yea let me fuck my dick
in that cum soaked hole of Yours" Kirk pulled out came under and while
dad ws greasing up his big 8 inch cock to fuck me Kirk gave me a kiss. I
told Kirk he was great and iloved having him in me like that. Then Dad
was now pushing his bare thick meat into me and Kirk's cum was spilling
out as His cock came in. Oh God it felt so good and dad was slowly so
sexy pushing into me in out in out His wonderful cock ws fuckign me and
We were working together me pushing back on dad's fat long bare cock. He
kept saying over and over as He built up his thrust into me " I love Your
pussy Kevin yea I love your pussy" My poor prostate gave out and my cum
load was flying all over the sheets. kirk came under and was getting some
of my cum in His hand and eating my cum load. Then Kirk came to my feet
and was licking on my feet while Dad was cuming a load in my pussy. we
all collapsed on the bed next to each other. Me in the middle I had just
been fucked and had both their cum loads in me. We fell asleep like that.
Three in mid teen lolita models the morning and Kirk was shaking me a wake. He said ' Kevin
come with me into the shower? I want Youo cock me in the shower? I got up
and we sneaked out of the room and into the bath room We stood naked
kissing and tonguing each other both getting hard. In the showers I
washed and soaped up Kirks tight ass then he bent over and i pushed my 8
inch cock up into Him as he moaned like a bitch. My Blonde stud Brother
sure liked the feel of my cock fucking into him. He was one fantastic
ride and he worked with me to milk my load with his ass hole muscles. He
came around to me and said as We hugged naked in the shower " Oh Kevin I
love Yu and i am so glad we can do this now" I said " And Kirk I ove
you to and your wonderful all male body. I just came inside You and it
felt so good Kirk.please write kevinmjoaol.com
You must state Your age. No flames Please. Kevin
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